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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Perfect Red Lip: Find The Shade Thats Right For You

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I love, Love, LOVE a classic red lip. A lot of sistas say that they wish they could wear a red lip but don't really know which shade is the right shade of red for their skin tone. Well this is what this post is all about.
First I want to talk about lip size. If you have skinny lips I would definitely recommend that you stay away from dark toned reds. This will only make your lips look smaller.
Next, let's discuss your teeth color. Yes, we know that some of us do not have pearly whites, including me. When choosing a lipstick you have to be careful that the color doesn't accentuate your discolored teeth. If you do have yellow teeth I would suggest picking a red that has a blue undertone and stay away from reds that have a yellow undertone. Try MAC's Russian Red or Ruby Woo.
Now for the skin tones. If you are a fair skinned to brown skinned sista, try a true red like the one in my video demonstration (or try MAC's Lady Danger). If you are a darker skinned sista try a deep red that has a burgundy/wine hue to it. Try MAC's Underworld. Follow these simple rules and I'm sure you'll achieve the perfect red lip! Enjoy the video!