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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do You Still Have Dry Hair?

A few naturals have come to me asking me what they can do to combat their dry hair. They have their staple products such as conditioners, deep conditioners, shampoos and moisturizers. They also have a simple hair care routine. There are a few things that some people do not look at to assess whether or not their products are the culprits. As I've stated in my last post some "cones" can actually be drying to the hair for some people. So if you notice that after using the products that contain them your hair gets dryer, even brittle, stop using it. Another thing to look for is protein. Yes Protein is good for your moderation! If all your products contain protein you may experience a protein overload which can cause the hair to get hard and brittle. Also if you are doing protein treatments make sure to moisturize your hair well to prevent the drying and breaking. There are some other simple things to do such as shampooing less. Some people can shampoo every day, others can't. It depends on what your hair likes. As you should know, shampooing strips your hair of build up...along with your natural oils. If you have a need to shampoo often, do a pre-poo with one of your favorite oils. It will help retain some moisture. I also learned from a youtuber by the name of blackonyx that to seal in moisture follow this order: Add your water based moisturizer, then cream based and last oil based. A simple way that I do this is to use my shea butter creme mix. It contains all of that ! (lol)
So in conclusion, make sure to check out the ingredient list of your products, pre-poo before shampooing and moisturize following the order of water, creme, and oil. Peace and Blessings!

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