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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Take on the new Back to Napptural Movement

To be honest when I first decided to transition it wasn't because many people were doing it, matter of fact I've never heard or seen a movement going on. I live in the deep south and "different" isn't necessarily popular in my area even if it means being healthy. As you know my first initial reasoning for going natural is that I was tired of getting relaxers. Then after doing research I found out about the harsh chemicals being used in relaxers and the damage it does to your hair. Also I found out about the true disdain most African-American women have for naturally kinky, tightly curly hair. That's when I decided going natural was not just for me but also for my girls to have pride in who they truly are.

I an so proud of my fellow sistas for taking that journey back to "normal". This is who we are and we should be proud about our beautiful manes! Now that I'm natural I notice I hold my head higher, I don't hide behind hair and my facial features are more prominent. My hair just looks...right! To explain more, we are always trying out new hair styles trying to find the one that looks the best on us and me going natural and wearing my fro, I find that it fits me perfectly. And I've noticed that on other naturals too. God gave us strong, bold and beautiful features. Our full lips, broad noses, high cheekbones, either big eyes or sexy slanted ones....we were not meant to hide behind hair should cover our face.

Another thing that I find interesting is that I felt that I wouldn't be as attractive anymore without my long flowing mane. Honestly that couldn't be any farther from the truth. Men generally do not go for girls that wear weaves. They like females who wear there own hair...whether that be relaxed hair or natural, short or long. Having talked to a few men they actually are liking the fact that women are going back to their natural hair. It's all about confidence.

Everytime I run across another sister growing out their natural hair or a brother growing locs it makes me smile and proud of my choice. Maybe in the next 10-20yrs the majority of black people will be rocking their fros and relaxed hair will not be normal!

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