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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Hey bloggers! I am so sorry I haven't been making any posts. It's been crazy with the holidays and also school. But i decided that I owe you all one so here it is! The pic above was taken on a family trip to see my family in NC. I blow dried my hair earlier that week, braided it up in preparation for my protective styling (wigs). I took out the cornrows on Wednesday, combed them out (for the ends to roots of course) and did 6 cornrows (two on the side in the front, and 4 going back) using oyin handmade burnt sugar pomade. I took them out the next day and this is the result! I didn't want to wear my wigs b/c I love my natural hair and wanted to show it off! If you want to see my wig collection visit my youtube channel

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