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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Lips: Get 3 different looks from the same lip stick

Okay, I know some of y'all are thinking...'Pink lips for brown skin/dark skin woman?!' And I'm here to tell you YES! Yes we can! (lol) Let me say that I have found that some of the most beautiful and brightest lip colors actually look better on women of color because it compliments our skin tone well. Our skin tone is meant to carry bright colors. Here, I have 3 pictures using the same lipstick- Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Celeb:

1)In the first pick I have Celeb on by itself (with lip balm underneath of course). It's just a nice plain pink lip reminiscent of the pale lip '60s makeup style.
2)In this pick I have the same lipstick but with a dark berry lip liner underneath. The lip liner I used was Wet n Wild creme lip liner in plumberry. I first lined my lips and then filled my lips in with the liner. I then patted on the lipstick as to not apply too much pink because I wanted it to work with the liner. This created a lavender-ish pink color. I am telling y'all this pic does not do the color justice. It is a very unique look. The next pic is just showing the lipstick and the liner up close.
3)In this last picture I actually was able to soften Celeb by adding a light nude pink-ish lip gloss over the lip stick. The lip gloss I used was by E.L.F. Hypershine lip gloss in candle light. I again patted on the lip stick first to my conditioned lips and then topped it off w/ the lip gloss. The end result was as nice peachy pink lip.

I do prefer to add something to pink lip stick just to make it work for me. I am still searching for that perfect pink lipstick that I can just apply by itself and walk out the door. I am thinking that a trip to MAC might be in order just like with my nude lip! (lol) But until then, these products are very affordable and can be found at almost any drug store. I really hope this helps someone to venture out of the "browns and berries" realm of lip color and to embrace a brighter smile!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nude Lip For A Black Girl: My Favorite Nude Lipstick

Ever look at a guru on youtube and see them wear a nude lip, then say well, they're not my complexion or they're not of African decent so this color wouldn't look right on me. Or ever just feel like black women can not rock a nude lip? Well....WRONG!!! lol We fabulous ladies can rock a nude lip! I searched and searched in the drug stores for an affordable nude lipstick (cuz y'all know I'm cheap lol) and I never found it. I also bought a few from NYX cosmetics but it's kinda hard when I didn't know if the lipstick was sheer or glittery (eww!) and it ended up being a fail. I finally loosened up on my pockets and sprung for MAC cosmetics. I don't have a MAC store or counter in my nearest vicinity so I had to take a gamble on their website. The MAC website makes it easy to look for colors because they go into great detail about how the colors look. I finally decided on a lustre called Fresh Brew (in pic at the top). this is a nice creamy beige color. It reminds me of how I take my coffee, lots of cream lol. I saw a couple of youtube videos of women of color buying nude lipsticks and the ones I've seen used warm nudes and I'm clearly a cool toned woman. I loved it! It's my favorite lip color and I usually wear it when I don't have anything else to wear. My only complaint is that the tube is so small compared to drug store brands. I'm greedy I know, but when you pay 14 dollars for something you tend to want to get your money's worth. lol Anyways, it looks great by itself or paired with a lip gloss which i used NYX mega shine lip gloss in taupe. Go out there and find your perfect nude lip!

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