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Monday, February 15, 2010

MIA: Sorry Chicas!

Hey luvs! I know I've been MIA (missing in action) lately. No posts, One random review on my youtube channel, hardly ever tweeting. I know, I know. Bad Naturally Flyy! lol Things have been so crazy for me! Actually, I've been suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It happens to me every winter. It's a state of depression that occurs the same time every year. For me it usually begins mid-winter and lasts until spring or when the weather warms up. I don't know why it's happening to me, but I've noticed that it's started happening when i was around 15. I literally have to force myself to do things and I only do what I need to (i.e. taking care of my babies). But I just ask for you all to be patient with me. I will go onto twitter every now and then, and I will also try (I said TRY) to make more videos and blog posts. Just be patient and you will see more of me when spring comes! Love you all, and stay natural!